Extended Active Window Capture

When running under Windows XP and newer , HyperSnap displays an additional function under Capture menu, called Extended Active Window.

This function is a completely new technology in screen capture, not available under older versions of Windows. It allows you to optionally resize any top level (active) window to be much bigger than the screen. Want to capture the whole, long web page - but including your browser frame? Or a spreadsheet window that would be 3000 or more pixels wide? The old auto-scroll technology could not do this, but with Extended Active Window Capture you can. See what happens if we select this function for Explorer window displaying our web page:

Now we just click OK, and here is what we get (after scaling the image down to 25% for inclusion on this page)

Note that entire page and the surrounding MS IE frame was captured, unlike with auto-scroll, where you could get only the inside, the page itself.

You could as easily make this window very wide, if it had anything interesting to show there. The capture is instantaneous, you don't have to wait for the page to scroll.

If by chance you specify a size that would produce a huge bitmap (over 64 MB in size), HyperSnap-DX will warn you before trying to snap it, as this may cause excessive swapping and slow down your machine.

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